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AVL is a Luxembourg based supplier of new & pre-owned microlights, planes, helicopter and associated services to private pilots. We specialise in the supply of PIONEER light aircrafts (produced by ALPI Aviation)  and  Bücker & Funk aircraft including FK microlights.

Ancillary services include trial flights, initial flight-training, avionics, maintenance services, spare-parts  and registration services . We'll also help resell your aircraft. Together with dedicated partners, we offer a Pioneer flight-training school, maintenance and a financial service leasing option & aerial photography.

The company was founded in 1991 by Ed Dockendorf, an enthusiastic experienced hang- glider, micro-lighter, glider, PPL-IFR pilot who shares a wealth of experience and guidance when it comes to selecting the right plane and avionics for you. 

Come fly with us? AVL organise regular amicable fly-outs and fly-ins for AVL customers, Pioneer & FK flying friends.  Check out the events page or facebook.

Ed Dockendorf
Founder, CEO & "PIC"

Former model plane, hang glider & microlight champion. Glider pilot and PPL-IFR pilot. Over  4000 hours air-time over the last 30 years.

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