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BF 133 Jungmeister
The legendary aerobatic is back!


The new BF 133 Jungmeister is the proud grandchild of the legendary pre-WWII advanced trainer of the Luftwaffe. This retro-styled aircraft retains the original classic style, whilst integrating modern technology, a ballistic parachute & modernised airframe design. (kit-form)

FK 131 Jungmann
The legendary trainer & aerobatic is back too!

Based on the 1934 legendary military school trainer & aerobatic "Bücker 131 A Jungmann", this retro-styled beauty retains the original construction detail yet integrates modern technology. It is available as an E-class experimental, microlight & in kit-form.

BF 139 Clubmann Classic
The vintage look with contemporary performance & comfort  

This retro-styled two seater shoulder-high wing combines a vintage look with short take-off & landing distances, good cruise performance & comfort Spacious cockpit & large luggage compartment. 

FK 14 Polaris
Travel in style


Low wing two seater, high performance microlight with panoramic view and ergonomic cockpit. Composite monocoque fuselage & 90 l  fuel tank system. Ideal performance for travelling far & wide, fast.

FK 14 Le Mans
Unique roadster


Based on the FK 14 Polaris, with a modified "Le Mans" cockpit, this high performance tail-dragger is unique and in a class of its own. The  Le Mans offers great wind protection even when enjoying the open cockpit flight. Switching to a closed cockpit canopy is simple & rapid.

FK 12 Comet
Authentic fun

A stylish performant & polyvalent modern double decker. Enjoy the flying experience in either open or closed cockpit. Several engine options and a broad selection of outstanding exterior designs available. Available as a microlight or experimental.

FK 9
Versatile traveller & allrounder

This composite high wing microlight is a best seller. Good looking, robust, stable, performant & straight forward to fly. Plenty of luggage space & versatile. 

For technical specifications & options, refer to the manufacturers' website.

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