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by Alpi Aviation

Simply Irresistible


Turbine helicopter class 6 certified. 

Pioneer 400
The best of both worlds. Performance of a plane with the running costs of an ULM.
4-seater plane with parachute. Owner-maintenance permitted and runs on both  mogas &/or avgas. Quiet. Available with Turbo as option.

Pioneer 300
Elegance, Performance & Simplicity

Outstanding performance, range, great stability, lovely handling - a shear delight to fly. Very quiet  due to the wooden frame. Composite exterior.With/without retractable gear & parachute. Available as certified plane, microlight or  in kit form.  

Pioneer 200
Affordable All-rounder

Solid performance, great stability and easy handling. It's  a great allrounder, ideal for beginners, schooling and travelling. Fixed gear. Based on the P300, sharing many components, straight forward with no-frills. With/without parachute. Also available in kit-form.

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